I am so happy to report that we FINALLY made our last payment on my DH’s business car!

I have felt debt free for a while since we had no personal credit card debt, but the car was our oldest business debt.

We started keeping track in 2006 when we had 22 items on our list. It took us 5 1/2 years to payoff all 22 items ($102,477). The car was the last one from the 2008 list! So nice to have that done.

Unfortunately, we are not perfect and the business has taken on some hardware debt, taxes, and other items due to our loss of our biggest client last year. I’m getting GAZELLE again about getting all past due bills caught up and working on paying off some things again.

The home account is still doing well and we are not using credit cards. I do have a car payment, but that is a compromise I have to make with DH. He’s not at all agreeable to beaters. So I did all I could to make the term as short as possible and the loan and interest rate as low as possible.

So nice to be down to one car payment!!!!