Ok, the FIRST thing you need to do is BREATHE..

Truthfully, you have more power in this situation than you think. Yes, they want their money. But all their yelling, threatening, name-calling, etc. won’t get you do give them money that you DON’T HAVE… Go open the latest letter from each of the creditors. That one will have updated info, so you can throw the older ones away. Have you actually gotten notice of a court date from ANY of your creditors?
I’m assuming that you can’t even make your minimum payments. How far short are you per month? Can you get a part-time job to make up the shortfall? Sell some stuff to get caught up?
There is a text file in our files section called letter to cc.txt.
This is basically a note stating that you can’t afford all your monthly bills, and you’re looking to get some help from creditors in an attempt to avoid bankruptcy. Edit it to suit your situation, and send it to all of your creditors. You may be surprised at how much they may work with you. If you feel comfortable posting your income, expenses, and debt balances, someone here should be able to give you more specific suggestions.
Also, please take care of your ‘4 walls’ first. Food, housing, utilities, transportation. If you can cover all that on your income, you can fight through the rest.

I’ll give more suggestions based on your answers to these questions.