so im very behind in alot of credit card bills..

mortgage is good
maintenace is good – have a coop apartment in NYC.

havent opened bills in months..
has anyone here been in a situation where you are being sued by cc company? or 10% will soon be taken from your pay check through court order .. i think a marshall..

would filing bankrupcy help me at all at this point?
How does one even begin the process of filing bankrupcy..
Help/opinions/ideas expertise from you guys would be appreciated..

Thank you!

Well, gosh darnit, we had to try

But of course you would have already taken care of all that. Silly us! Glad you’re so proactive. But please encourage him to get going on that whole “find buried money out in the yard” project. That sorta fired up my imagination this morning and it sure sounded like a fun time. Only thing we’ve found buried here so far have been old car tires…….

WAAAAAAY ahead of all of you on dh’s overall health picture

He had a very complete physical in Nov. Then this Monday, when he was diagnosed, he had another complete work up, just to be on the safe side.
His heart is excellent (both physically and emotionally). The doctor did do chest x-rays and he said dh’s heart looked PERFECT and he was looking for heart problems. The pleurisy and some minor scarring on dh’s lung were the only problems they turned up. The scarring did not surprise us. Dh was in Viet Nam and was exposed to Agent Orange he has also worked in oil fields on and off. So scarring was not a surprise at all.
Doc J. said that except for the pleurisy dh was in excellent health. I already an expecting a return call from doc though from where I reported yesterday’s episode.


If you can’t find a lender that would work with you *without* using a FICO score, then it sounds like you’re going to have to get a credit card to keep your score up. I’d suggest using one for monthly expenses and then paying it off as soon as you get the bill, but, I’m not so sure that paying every month actually COUNTS to increase your score. Nobody is, because they won’t TELL us. Plus, you’d have to make sure you don’t get one of those cards that uses ‘average monthly balance’ to screw you out of interest…

This isn’t a new situation at all!

We’ve been brewing and stewing about this for several years now. The only new aspect of it is the declining credit score. I didn’t see that part coming. At least not so soon. I knew from FPU that once we’d paid off all our debts and stopped using credit, eventually that score would go down. Didn’t think it would be less than a year in the process.

All I’m trying to do is lay out some kind of reasonable “this is how we could do it, if we decided to” plan. I had a plan like that right up until the whole ‘credit score is going down’ update from Monday. Just trying to come up with a new plan. Or a good revision.

Well, I came inside for a break and decided to just pay the $1 and get my credit score

Keep in mind that last September my score was approx 700. As of today, per Experian, my score is 598, my credit risk is rated as “High” (ie, a high risk) and my credit grade is “F”.
While I’m officially very pleased that I’m on the Larry path and that I have only one open account and it’s current, and I’m making payments on my closed credit card and that I’m heading towards a realm of no debt to anyone, frankly I have to admit I have real mixed feelings about the above. No, I have no intention of ever having a credit card again. Yes, we’re getting to where we pay cash for everything. But my insurance premiums, for the farm, the truck and probably my health insurance as well, are all based in part on this number. My ability to rent heavy equipment is based on this number. Apparently my ability to get new utilities is based in part on this number. And yes, if we decide to sell our smallish farm and buy the farm we’ve been working on for the last six years, which is currently appraised at near $1mil, we’d need a mortgage for that. We could possibly talk the current owners (or their family) into a contract for deed with the money going into some kind of escrow, at least for the first few years, but they’d undoubtedly want some kind of balloon payment to finally be done with it and get their money.
I wonder how highly it would rate to try to explain to an underwriter that I want to buy a million dollar farm, and I have no credit, “but it’s Ok, see, because I’m on the Larry’s plan.” Let’s just say my mood today has not improved with this new information.